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RiZone - Monitor Your Datacentre

  • Detect and monitor all your active RimatriX5 components
  • Detect and monitor all your SNMP or BACnet components
  • Perform custom actions when environmental conditions arise
  • Installed By RiZone Experts
  • Complete Support Packages Available
  • Written In-House by Rittal
  • Perform custom actions when conditions arise
  • The link between IT and your Building
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RiZone - Software for your desktop

  • RiZone Software available as a Client/Server solution
  • Installs on Microsoft Servers within your environment
  • Can also be supplied as a VMWare or Hyper-V image
  • Alerts can use your on-site or off-premise mailserver
  • Project Planning lets you create visualise before you buy
  • Autodiscovery functions make adding new sensors a breeze
  • Multiple clients can edit the server monitoring
  • Display the status of your datacentre on multiple NOC screens
  • High MTBF RiZone Appliance Available
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RiZone - Graph your Datacentre

  • Graph your datacentre over time
  • Use these to produce trend charts and predict future growth
  • Use these to spot anomolies in your datacentre
  • View these as simple at-a-glance charts
  • Visualise the location that each of these graphs come from
  • Use Excel to manipulate results
  • Mathematically link different components
  • Even with different protocols
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RiZone - Move Virtual Machines Around

  • Detect High Power Usage in your Racks
  • Detect High Temperatures in your Environment
  • MOVE Virtual Machines Automatically!
  • MOVE to less loaded or cooler locations
  • Use RFID tags to locate where VMs were moved to
  • Plugs in to MOM and SCOM
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RiZone - Monitor Everything

  • RiMatrix 5 Components
  • UPSs
  • LCPs
  • PDUs
  • SNMP Devices
  • BACnet Devices
  • Switches, Routers, WAPs, Servers.....